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15 Happy Things


ty patshit <3
  1. The other day when my niece was crying, I held out my hand to her and she grabbed it and stopped crying and started smiling. As soon as I let go, she started crying again :’)
  2. Having deep and meaningful conversations with strangers.
  3. The realization that everything is going to…

Thanks for the tag!

Here are my 15 Happy Things:

1) I went to hang out with an old friend and I was waiting for her to clean up her stuff so we could go. Her planner was on the table and I saw that my name/our plans to hang out were written in it and it made me feel really special.

2) My cat does this thing when I’m about to pick him up. He sees me reaching for him and he kind of helps me out by doing a little jump into my arms like he was just waiting for me to pick him up.

3) Colorful boba straws.

4) Climbing trees. And finding a comfy spot to sit in that’s free from trails of ants.

5) Being told you remind someone of one of your favorite people/things. (Like Agent Dana Scully)

6) When I discover I’m more capable than I thought I was.

7) When I trust someone enough to be really gross with them and tell them my secrets and not care if I cry in front of them.

8) When someone asks if I’m okay.

9) Staying up to watch the sunrise.

10) When I find something really really good at a thrift store.

11) When someone lets you borrow their jacket.

12) When a friend braids/plays with your hair or paints your nails.

13) Hearing professors and peers tell you they’re looking forward to seeing more of your work.

14) When I explain to someone veganism or feminism and they understand and it makes sense to them and they want to know more.

15) Seeing incredible color combinations in everyday life and just gawking at them in awe and taking mental photographs.


Almost every vegan once said “yeah but I just can’t live without [x animal product].” And yet here we are, living happy and healthy without it.

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"All of a sudden, everything changed. As if I went on an other side I didn’t belong to."


"All of a sudden, everything changed. As if I went on an other side I didn’t belong to."


Béatrice Dalle, Betty blue.


Béatrice Dalle, Betty blue.

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"I’ve always known,
I would spend a lot of time alone.
No one would understand me,
Maybe I should go and live amongst the animals."
-  Cocorosie lyrics
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@siqlolita did my makeup! her cat is a lot like mine and i luff him💕

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